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About Castaways

Castaways is an open-world free-to-play sandbox MMO. In the game you build, explore, and survive alone or with friends on a stranded island where you must be resourceful and creative with nothing but your wits and a few basic supplies. But don’t worry! You’re not alone - there are millions of other castaways on other islands waiting to befriend you, trade with you, and help you build a new life.

With Castaways, you'll dive into the world of fishing and farming, exploring exciting islands to gather resources, building your own house, crafting tools, and discovering technology to go from just surviving, to thriving!

Unlock new technologies and magical abilities along the way and turn your small island into a thriving island paradise.

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Building is the cornerstone of interacting in Castaways. To progress and grow your island you must collect resources, craft materials, and use them to build and expand.

You can break, craft, and build just about anything. You also have the support of millions of other castaways who can help you build or trade resources with you.


In Castaways, fishing isn't just about catching food; it's a doorway to extraordinary abilities and treasures.

You can catch various species, including shrimp, clownfish, sharks, and even the mighty whale. Look out for big fish, requiring multiple players to compete for the ultimate catch.

Sea junk like kelp and treasures like gold coins can be found when you uncover the magic beneath the waves.


In Castaways, excavating is a key skill to growing your farm and your island. This system revolves around the Composter, allowing you to convert sand and various crops you harvest into valuable dirt blocks.

This system also provides an efficient way to transform agricultural resources into essential building materials, making your castaway life more sustainable and interesting.


Mining is a fundamental activity for progressing in Castaways. Mines are a deep puzzle of levels full of resources, treasures, and monsters.

An important aspect of resource management is the smelting system, which allows you to create stronger items for tools and more valuable blocks for building.


In Castaways, the interconnected gameplay mechanics of bird feeding and farming are vital for island survival and expansion.

Bird feeding, facilitated by the bird feeder, provides the sole source of seeds in the game, attracting seagulls during the day to collect their valuable droppings.

While crops yield essential resources, the fruit they bear cannot be replanted. Mastering this symbiotic relationship between bird feeding and farming is the key to thriving on your island.


Starting with a single palm tree on your island, harvesting it initially provides palm wood and coconuts. The coconuts, when planted and nurtured, grow into new palm trees.

This growth cycle ensures a steady supply of palm trees over time, each capable of producing even more. This compound growth mechanism becomes a cornerstone for sustaining and expanding your island.


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