Open Beta Available Now for All Castaways on Mobile!

The anticipation has finally come to an end! Following over a year of dedicated development, several rounds of Alpha testing, numerous stress tests, and a plethora of feedback from our incredible player community – Castaways has now officially launched into its Mobile Open Beta phase. This marks the exciting opportunity for all those eager to embark on the journey in the realm of Castaways!

Tuesday, August 29, 2023

A heartfelt expression of gratitude goes out to each and every individual who took part in our Alpha tests, engaged in the Closed Beta phase, and actively contributed to our vibrant community. A special mention goes to those who have shown unwavering patience as they awaited their chance to join the adventure. The invaluable feedback we've received across all avenues has played a pivotal role in our ongoing endeavors to shape Castaways into a truly enchanting and enjoyable gameplay experience for our cherished community. Your collective support, assistance, and patience as we refine the finer details of the game and persistently enhance the core elements that define Castaways, contribute significantly to our vision of creating an immersive and warm-hearted cozy MMO and community.

This release also includes several new gameplay updates, bug fixes, and improvements as seen in the attached changelog.

Although the game is now accessible to everyone, our journey in crafting the world of Castaways is merely beginning. The dedicated team has an abundance of content in the pipeline for both the Open Beta phase and the subsequent stages. Our game designer Dayton Mills looks forward to sharing all of the amazing things to come in season three of Town Hall.

So, without any further delay, prepare your fishing rods, it's time to be cast away.

Castaways can be downloaded for iOS devices on the App Store and the Play Store for android devices.



Added item descriptions on important items

Added new magic generator that drops various resources

Added join and leave messages in the chat

Added ability to click names in chat to teleport to players

Added ability to juice crops and grow them instantly with dabloons

Added eligible resources and xp yields to skills help UI

Added dialogs and better tutorial decals to help new users

Added chat moderation tools and ability for mods to kick/ban players

New islands now include a starter chest with important resources

Added a breaking sound to the magic block

Added chat bubbles back


Improved challenges system to be smarter and allow for more player freedom

Improved controls to be more approachable and easier to learn

Improved crop growth timers to be more readable and useful

Improved birthdate selector on main menu

Skills now require challenges to be learned before sacrifices can be made

Fish can now be caught in variable quantities of 1-3 each win

Crops can now be harvested in variable quantities of 1-3 each harvest

Fishing minigame now uses colorful circles instead of white squares

Fishing minigame has been modified to be in horizontal layout

150% performance improvement

Various other performance improvements


Fixed a bug preventing players from collecting lava at volcano

Fixed a bug causing ore to spawn in unobtainable locations

Fixed a bug cuasing doors to be unplaceable

Fixed bug causing the crosshair to appear in UI menus

Fixed a bug that caused chunks to corrupt and lose data

Fixed a bug where connecting messages would get stuck in chat

Fixed a bug where other player's held items wouldn't render

Fixed a bug where you would be stuck fishing if competing player left

Fixed a bug that caused fishing score to be perfect every time

Fixed a bug with the start challenge button for the mining skill

Fixed a bug that caused international players to be unable to connect to servers

Fixed a bug that would cause islands to not render properly on load

Fixed locale issue with skills UI

Fixed locale issue with sugar cane

Fixed lag spikes caused by unrecognized characters in chat

Various other bug fixes


Removed stone generator

Removed countdown timer before fishing

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