• Item Lock System: Introduced a new system to lock specific crafting recipes based on skill progression.
  • Skills Overhaul: Launched a comprehensive new skills system featuring an updated UI, refined skill curves, and rewarding skill progression incentives.
  • Currency Enhancements: Enhanced the experience of acquiring Sandollars and Dabloons with immersive currency effects.
  • Vendor NPCs Expansion: Rolled out new Vendor NPCs and an overarching vendor system, including themed vendor islands. Explore the hub to interact with these engaging characters!
  • Sandollars Store Packages: Unveiled new store packages tailored for Sandollars, enriching the in-game economy.
  • Coconut Radio [Coming Soon]: Get ready to tune into the Coconut Radio.
  • Generator Upgrades [Coming Soon]: Introduced an upgrade system for your generators, including the bird feeder, magic generator, and composter, using Sandollars or Dabloons.
  • Visual Fidelity Enhancements: Upgraded textures, models, UV maps, normals, and made various texturing improvements for a more lifelike visual experience.
  • Post-Processing Effects: Enhanced the game's visual appeal with refined toon shading, outline shaders, and disc shadow decals.
  • Material and Lighting Optimizations: Fine-tuned material settings, lighting, shadows, and outlines for a more vibrant and dynamic environment.
  • Performance Optimization: Implemented graphical performance enhancements, ensuring a smoother experience on low-end devices.
  • Store Accessibility: Addressed and resolved issues affecting store opening times, ensuring a seamless shopping experience.
  • Intro Sequence Bugs: Ironed out various bugs within the intro sequence for a polished game start.
  • Asset Streamlining: Eliminated duplicate assets, optimizing game resource usage for better performance.
  • Legacy Rendering Elements: Phased out the reflection probe and real-time reflections to streamline rendering processes.
  • Outdated Shaders: Removed various legacy shaders that were underperforming, upgrading to more efficient alternatives.
  • Starter Island Challenge System: Discontinued the challenge system on the starter island, paving the way for a more refined introductory experience.
  • No features were added in this update.
  • No features were improved in this update.
  • Resolved web request issues resulting in 400 Bad Request and 500 Internal Server Error errors, ensuring smoother server communication.
  • Fixed numerous instances of NullReferenceException, enhancing overall system stability and reliability.
  • Corrected an InvalidOperationException related to sequence operations, ensuring proper data handling.
  • Improved fishing input mechanics for a more intuitive user experience, you can now use primary and secondary input to reel your fish in.
  • Addressed a HTTPClientError with status code 522, improving network resilience.
  • Solved an issue where inputting a tilde key during the sign-in popup caused unexpected behavior.
  • Fixed a System.ObjectDisposedException error, preventing access to disposed objects and improving resource management.
  • Adjusted the skills menu text to prevent it from wrapping incorrectly, improving UI clarity.
  • Resolved a System.ArgumentException related to duplicate key entries, ensuring data integrity.
  • Fixed a bug in touch input handling, preventing NullReferenceException during 'Touch.onFingerUp' callbacks.
  • Corrected a gameplay issue where players could change their point of view while in the user profile, maintaining consistent gameplay experience.
  • Addressed a specific gameplay scenario where players would not receive a big fish if they disengaged from fishing at a critical moment, ensuring fair reward distribution.
  • Fixed an issue with Amazon DynamoDB where an empty AttributeValue caused exceptions, ensuring smoother database interactions.
  • No features were removed in this update.
  • New sound effects (SFX) for UI interactions across various menus including Crafting, Skills, Store Item Selection, Inventory, and more, enhancing auditory feedback during gameplay.
  • New user profile page. Click another Castaways in-game to view their profile! To view yours, simply click the button on the top right of your game HUD.
  • New friends system, you are now able to open another Castaways profile and add them as a friend. This way you’ll be able to see when they are online, what island they are on, and form long term connections with other Castaways!
  • New report system, you are now able to report another Castaways to the team by clicking on them in-game and pressing report.
  • New functionalities located inside the new user profile page such as the "Give Dabloons" button, "Pets" button, "Skills" button, "Islands" button, and more, aimed at improving navigation and user interaction within the game.
  • New NPC system that will be heavily used in the upcoming progression update!
  • Deployment of a new EKS Cluster, update of cloud components and services, and various configurations to improve backend stability and performance.
  • Updates to authentication flow for a smoother user experience, new users will no longer be required to create an account first to play the game
  • Modification of the initial tutorial server sequence and player spawn logic to streamline the onboarding process.
  • EKS Cluster metrics, logs, and dashboard configurations improved with the deployment of Prometheus, Loki, and Grafana services, enhancing monitoring and observability.
  • Resolution of various bugs including mobile in-app purchase issues, system null reference exceptions, visual glitches, and more, to ensure a smoother gameplay experience.
  • Island Explorer visual glitch and island browser background bug addressed.
  • Fix for the composter not providing double dirt at level 60 mining.
  • No features were removed in this update.
  1. New island explorer UI
  2. Created fixtures for database tests to enhance testing capabilities.
  3. Craft functionality to convert iron blocks into ingots.
  4. A system to store and retrieve users' recently visited islands.
  5. Added functionality to sort islands by their last online time.
  6. The ability to change the island name and category, allowing for more customization.
  1. Enhanced repair and validation functionality within the CurrencyManager.
  2. Improved our handling of retrieving cached islands for UI purposes.
  1. A bug causing "Unexpected" errors in the game.
  2. An issue with incorrect object referencing, leading to game crashes.
  3. A problem with network requests returning errors.
  4. A specific command function issue in player entity management.

  • No features were removed in this update.

  1. The ability for players to reset their island.
  2. Visual indicators for pet hunger.
  3. Rebuilt the fishing feature.
  4. Pet types: armadillo, parrot, dog, and cat, complete with models, sounds, and animations.
  5. A pets catalog in the store.
  6. Enhanced visual effects for fishing, making it clearer when a fish is biting.
  7. Enhanced navigation and interaction systems for pets.
  8. Pet behaviors including tricks, feeding, and commands like sit or follow.
  9. A system to store and manage player pets in the game.
  10. Pets automatically follow the player when spawned.
  11. The user interface for interacting with pets, showing their status and needs.
  12. Pathfinding and navigation system for pets, making their movements natural.
  1. The design of the default island to align with new schematics.
  2. The sand collection challenge to ensure sand drops on the first hit.
  3. Improved fish biting logic for a more realistic fishing experience.
  4. The way the furnace and composter handle item outputs. They now drop the item on the ground instead of placing a block.
  1. Big fish links now function correctly on all target platforms.
  2. A bug with displaying held items correctly.
  3. Rendering issues that were preventing entities from appearing properly.
  4. A bug that occurred during certain touch interactions.
  5. An issue where tilled dirt was incorrectly reverting under crops, making them unwaterable.
  6. Problems with feature servers not functioning correctly on staging.
  7. A bug in database transactions related to joining games.
  8. A problem with certain game sequences not executing properly.
  9. Errors occurring when accessing certain game elements.
  10. Various other bugs causing game crashes and errors.
  11. A command function issue in player equipment management.
  12. A visual glitch where certain block faces were not occluding properly.
  13. A durability issue with fishing rods not wearing out as expected.
  1. Completely disabled the mine feature, including associated challenges and physical structures.
  2. Rhythm minigame when fishing, the fishing feature has been rebuilt.
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