Hide UI mode (by pressing ` key on desktop platforms) for cinematics


Autojump now works when moving out of water to land

You can now shift + click to move items between inventories more efficiently


Various bug fixes


Added item descriptions on important items

Added new magic generator that drops various resources

Added join and leave messages in the chat

Added ability to click names in chat to teleport to players

Added ability to juice crops and grow them instantly with dabloons

Added eligible resources and xp yields to skills help UI

Added dialogs and better tutorial decals to help new users

Added chat moderation tools and ability for mods to kick/ban players

New islands now include a starter chest with important resources

Added a breaking sound to the magic block

Added chat bubbles back


Improved challenges system to be smarter and allow for more player freedom

Improved controls to be more approachable and easier to learn

Improved crop growth timers to be more readable and useful

Improved birthdate selector on main menu

Skills now require challenges to be learned before sacrifices can be made

Fish can now be caught in variable quantities of 1-3 each win

Crops can now be harvested in variable quantities of 1-3 each harvest

Fishing minigame now uses colorful circles instead of white squares

Fishing minigame has been modified to be in horizontal layout

150% performance improvement

Various other performance improvements


Fixed a bug preventing players from collecting lava at volcano

Fixed a bug causing ore to spawn in unobtainable locations

Fixed a bug cuasing doors to be unplaceable

Fixed bug causing the crosshair to appear in UI menus

Fixed a bug that caused chunks to corrupt and lose data

Fixed a bug where connecting messages would get stuck in chat

Fixed a bug where other player's held items wouldn't render

Fixed a bug where you would be stuck fishing if competing player left

Fixed a bug that caused fishing score to be perfect every time

Fixed a bug with the start challenge button for the mining skill

Fixed a bug that caused international players to be unable to connect to servers

Fixed a bug that would cause islands to not render properly on load

Fixed locale issue with skills UI

Fixed locale issue with sugar cane

Fixed lag spikes caused by unrecognized characters in chat

Various other bug fixes


Removed stone generator

Removed countdown timer before fishing


Stone generators will now save and continue its timer when destroyed and placed again

The lighting in the coal and iron mines is brighter for increased visibility

Improved the mine challenge to be more friendly to new users

Loading chunks of blocks in large worlds is much faster

Various other performance improvements


Fixed bug that caused duplicate tiles when fishing for big fish

Fixed bug that caused player to be stuck breaking blocks continuously

Fixed bug that prevented players from signing up properly

Various other bug fixes


Removed sinking and drowning damage when swimming in water


Improved tutorial


Various bug fixes

  • Added new island navigation interface
  • Added new island leaderboard interface
  • Added new crafting interface
  • Added transition when switching between islands
  • Added offline progression for generators when used with factory blocks
  • Added iron tools (Pickaxe, Axe, Shovel, Hoe, Sledgehammer, Bucket, Watering Can)
  • Added the grand exchange
  • Added ports to islands
  • Added ability to collect port royalties
  • Added skills, altars, and abilities
  • Added ability for players to sacrifice items at altars to earn xp and level up various skills to unlock abilities
  • Added dabloons
  • Added store for buying and spending dabloons
  • Added fall damage
  • Added auto jump
  • Added new stone generator
  • Added Silos
  • Added Processors
  • Added Containers
  • Added a new tutorial sequence
  • Added a new opening introduction sequence
  • Added a new paradigm for fishing using tiles instead of arrows
  • Added item reward system  for completing challenges
  • Added deep link support for mobile users to easily share islands
  • Added haptic feedback for various events in the game on supported devices
  • Added join codes that let you join a friend quickly and easily
  • Added automatic device quality adjustments to improve performance
  • Added push notifications for important events like crop harvesting, watering, and volcanos replenishing
  • Added death messages
  • Added various sounds to the game
  • Added a death cooldown for new players
  • Improved the crafting system by previewing and categorizing all available recipes
  • Crafting tools will now automatically equip the crafted tool to your hotbar if there is available space
  • Changed the durability of flimsy watering cans to 60 uses
  • Changed the durability of flimsy buckets to 4 uses
  • Dramatically improved the performance of the game with numerous optimizations
  • Improved chunk loading times dramatically with numerous optimizations
  • Updated the map illustration to reflect the new hub world design
  • Changed the way grass is grown and dropped when broken
  • Changed the amount of dirt you receive for various crops and sand when using a composter
  • Coal is now introduced in mines every hour instead of every 24 hours
  • Updated the texture of palm trees
  • Changed the rate that crops grow by various amounts
  • Changed the rate that crops wither by various amounts
  • Fruit Trees will now wither if not watered consistently
  • Improved the user interface to better support mobile devices
  • Improved the user interface with illustrations on windows, menus, and buttons
  • Improved the overall visual graphics of the game
  • Improved various textures and models in the game
  • Improved player movement by fixing the lerp
  • Improved player input and camera controls
  • Improved camera controls so you can pinch and zoom to change perspective
  • Improved the balance of health regeneration and hunger usage
  • Improved chat to show messages even when the full log is closed
  • Improved the performance of the island brower
  • Changed the default spawn so players always return to their island when reopening the game
  • Improved fish spawn rates to based on player activity rather than just movement
  • Improved frame rate and vsync settings
  • Improved the composter behavior to only open the menu if the composter is empty
  • Improved blend state animations been walking and running
  • Improved various ways of moving items between your hotbar, inventory, chests, and sacks
  • Improved item dropping and pickup to be smarter about intention
  • Switching islands will now keep the item you previously had equipped, equipped
  • Improved the sign up / sign in flow for users
  • Various other performance improvements
  • Fixed various broken player animations
  • Fixed various issues with animations snapping, or playing incorrectly, or not at all
  • Fixed broken ocean position that caused players to swim above water
  • Fixed bug where the world border was broken
  • Fixed bug where you didn’t receive hunger exhaustion when placing blocks
  • Fixed bug where the dirt texture not matching the grass texture
  • Fixed bug where the player would get stuck at spawn points
  • Fixed bug where breaking tilled dirt was slower than breaking regular dirt
  • Fixed bug where durability of buckets wasn’t decreasing on fill and unfill only
  • Fixed bug that caused frame lag and frame tearing issues
  • Fixed bug that prevented you from taking royalties from mine chests
  • Fixed bug that required you to close chests twice
  • Fixed bug where chunks wouldn’t load
  • Fixed bug where third person camera controls were interuppted by chat boundaries
  • Fixed bug where you sometimes couldn’t place fish in a bird feeder
  • Fixed bug where phantom blocks would appear when breaking blocks larger than 1 block
  • Fixed bugs moving items between inventories and chests and sacks
  • Fixed bug where islands would load at the wrong time of day
  • Fixed bug where world interactions failed if there were two objects at the same distance
  • Fixed bug with watering crops
  • Fixed bug where grass does not expand vertically
  • Fixed bug where wet soil wouldn’t render differently than dry soil
  • Fixed bug where items would sometimes not appear in inventory after being picked up
  • Fixed bug where mounting a raft while holding a fishing rod would cause you to start fishing
  • Fixed bug where the text in the game would go fuzzy
  • Fixed bug where the fishing line would appear or disappear during fishing minigame
  • Fixed bug where mining stone from the mines left a phantom block
  • Fixed bug where the watering can level would not go down when watering crops
  • Fixed bug where the moon would always be up
  • Fixed bug that bricked the camera if you selected a fish while in the celebrate state
  • Fixed bug where interacting with a composter while holding a block would cause the block to be placed
  • Fixed bug that causes player to fall ridiculously fast
  • Fixed bug that prevented the player from opening a furnace
  • Fixed bug that would cause coal to not spawn consistently in mines
  • Fixed bug where the volcano would steal your bucket when trying to collect lava
  • Fixed bug that caused players not to sink in the ocean
  • Fixed bug that caused fish to disappear
  • Fixed depth sorting on player names
  • Fixed bug that allowed player to still move even when at 0 health
  • Fixed bug that prevented you from autojumping over stairs
  • Fixed bug where players wouldn’t take damage while standing in lava
  • Fixed bug where you could re-enter the coal mine after it closed
  • Fixed bug where the celebration animation wouldn’t play if your fishing rod broke first
  • Fixed bug where fences wouldn’t connect to other fences properly
  • Fixed bug where spamming a watering can could cause the player to crash
  • Fixed bug where the mine royalty chest was intersected by a rock
  • Various other bug fixes
  • Removed highlights on players and rafts
  • Removed stone recipe from furnace
  • Removed ability to create islands by visiting the captain
  • DDR style arrow based fishing mini game
  • Removed rain and gloomy weather events
  • Removed cross hair in first person view when on mobile
  • Removed composters and bird feeders from existing islands
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