• New sound effects (SFX) for UI interactions across various menus including Crafting, Skills, Store Item Selection, Inventory, and more, enhancing auditory feedback during gameplay.
  • New user profile page. Click another Castaways in-game to view their profile! To view yours, simply click the button on the top right of your game HUD.
  • New friends system, you are now able to open another Castaways profile and add them as a friend. This way you’ll be able to see when they are online, what island they are on, and form long term connections with other Castaways!
  • New report system, you are now able to report another Castaways to the team by clicking on them in-game and pressing report.
  • New functionalities located inside the new user profile page such as the "Give Dabloons" button, "Pets" button, "Skills" button, "Islands" button, and more, aimed at improving navigation and user interaction within the game.
  • New NPC system that will be heavily used in the upcoming progression update!
  • Deployment of a new EKS Cluster, update of cloud components and services, and various configurations to improve backend stability and performance.
  • Updates to authentication flow for a smoother user experience, new users will no longer be required to create an account first to play the game
  • Modification of the initial tutorial server sequence and player spawn logic to streamline the onboarding process.
  • EKS Cluster metrics, logs, and dashboard configurations improved with the deployment of Prometheus, Loki, and Grafana services, enhancing monitoring and observability.
  • Resolution of various bugs including mobile in-app purchase issues, system null reference exceptions, visual glitches, and more, to ensure a smoother gameplay experience.
  • Island Explorer visual glitch and island browser background bug addressed.
  • Fix for the composter not providing double dirt at level 60 mining.
  • No features were removed in this update.
  1. New island explorer UI
  2. Created fixtures for database tests to enhance testing capabilities.
  3. Craft functionality to convert iron blocks into ingots.
  4. A system to store and retrieve users' recently visited islands.
  5. Added functionality to sort islands by their last online time.
  6. The ability to change the island name and category, allowing for more customization.
  1. Enhanced repair and validation functionality within the CurrencyManager.
  2. Improved our handling of retrieving cached islands for UI purposes.
  1. A bug causing "Unexpected" errors in the game.
  2. An issue with incorrect object referencing, leading to game crashes.
  3. A problem with network requests returning errors.
  4. A specific command function issue in player entity management.

  • No features were removed in this update.

  1. The ability for players to reset their island.
  2. Visual indicators for pet hunger.
  3. Rebuilt the fishing feature.
  4. Pet types: armadillo, parrot, dog, and cat, complete with models, sounds, and animations.
  5. A pets catalog in the store.
  6. Enhanced visual effects for fishing, making it clearer when a fish is biting.
  7. Enhanced navigation and interaction systems for pets.
  8. Pet behaviors including tricks, feeding, and commands like sit or follow.
  9. A system to store and manage player pets in the game.
  10. Pets automatically follow the player when spawned.
  11. The user interface for interacting with pets, showing their status and needs.
  12. Pathfinding and navigation system for pets, making their movements natural.
  1. The design of the default island to align with new schematics.
  2. The sand collection challenge to ensure sand drops on the first hit.
  3. Improved fish biting logic for a more realistic fishing experience.
  4. The way the furnace and composter handle item outputs. They now drop the item on the ground instead of placing a block.
  1. Big fish links now function correctly on all target platforms.
  2. A bug with displaying held items correctly.
  3. Rendering issues that were preventing entities from appearing properly.
  4. A bug that occurred during certain touch interactions.
  5. An issue where tilled dirt was incorrectly reverting under crops, making them unwaterable.
  6. Problems with feature servers not functioning correctly on staging.
  7. A bug in database transactions related to joining games.
  8. A problem with certain game sequences not executing properly.
  9. Errors occurring when accessing certain game elements.
  10. Various other bugs causing game crashes and errors.
  11. A command function issue in player equipment management.
  12. A visual glitch where certain block faces were not occluding properly.
  13. A durability issue with fishing rods not wearing out as expected.
  1. Completely disabled the mine feature, including associated challenges and physical structures.
  2. Rhythm minigame when fishing, the fishing feature has been rebuilt.
  1. Implemented new skins for sale in the store. Check them out!
  2. Moved the Volcano to be located in the hub.
  3. Consolidated the Altar to one Altar located in the hub.
  4. Added an Altar icon on the map at the physical location within the hub.
  5. Added several utility features for our upcoming influencer streams.
  1. Modified the map to teleport you to the target destiniation even if you already on the hub.
  2. Implemented a feature to spit out rejected items at the Altar back at the player.
  3. Changed the decal for breaking blocks at the generator to a tap-and-hold style.
  4. Refactored our Entity system to support the new entities coming in the next few updates!
  5. Reverted the hub map to its state before adding bridges to all Altars.
  1. Fixed an issue where crop hit boxes were incorrectly extending upwards.
  2. Resolved a bug where a seagull would repeatedly loop at the bird feeder.
  3. Addressed the problem of players' skins disappearing.
  4. Fixed a common error causing the game to not recognize certain objects.
  5. Corrected an issue preventing crop harvesting when standing inside them in first-person view.
  6. Resolved a bug causing the inventory to keep appearing after minimizing and returning to the game.
  7. Fixed the XP bar not showing progress when players make offerings at the Altar.
  8. Resolved issues with feature servers not functioning in test environments.
  9. Fixed a problem with creating certain high-quality textures.
  10. Corrected an error causing server communication problems.
  11. Resolved a vague issue causing unexpected behavior.
  12. Fixed a bug where a necessary animation component was missing, causing errors.
  13. Addressed an issue where players couldn't locate their home island.
  14. Fixed a problem with user authentication failing multiple times.
  15. Resolved a recurring error related to object recognition.
  16. Fixed a problem with database transactions not processing item changes correctly.
  17. Corrected an issue to ensure smaller fish are caught during tutorial sessions.
  18. Fixed a bug where the game attempted to access a removed object.
  19. Resolved a problem with game data not loading correctly.
  20. Fixed an issue with network requests returning an error.
  21. Addressed a failure in saving game progress in certain chapters.
  22. Resolved an issue where a user identity check was failing.
  23. Fixed a server-side communication issue.
  24. Corrected a gameplay issue where placing a block would unintentionally trigger UI interaction.
  25. Fixed the problem of not tracking server issues correctly in error reports.
  26. Addressed a command function error in the CacheDataManager.
  27. Resolved an issue with retrieving the latest configuration from AWS AppConfig.
  28. Fixed a problem with invalid authorization tokens.
  29. Corrected an issue where a block was incorrectly marked as generated more than once.
  30. Fixed another instance of a common object recognition error.
  31. Resolved a problem with updating specific game settings.
  32. Addressed an issue with game dependencies not loading correctly before starting.
  33. Fixed a rare scenario where two seagulls would simultaneously approach to eat fish at the bird feeder.

  • Added thought bubbles to indicate tools required when trying to break a block without the right tool

  • Adjusted tutorial popups to be shorter, addressing player feedback.
  • Modified block hitboxes for crops.
  • Composter will now drop the items inside it when destroyed.
  • Fixed several memory leaks leading to a substantial increase in performance
  • Fixed an issue where destroying the composter while it's spinning during the tutorial would lock the player in the tutorial, preventing them from advancing further.
  • Fixed an issue where the Bird Feeder was not dropping items as expected.
  • Fixed an issues where Players get stuck in the tutorial when attempting to plant a carrot.
  • Fixed a chat parsing error preventing international users from crashing.
  • Fixed an issue where players got stuck with a "Not Connected" message.
  • The Windows MSI installer now successfully uninstalls the prior version as intended.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented users from buying dabloons.
  • Fixed an issue wheresSeagulls would steal from other players' bird feeders.
  • Fixed several NREs.
  • Fixed several issues to related to chunks and blocks
  • Fixed an issue where the big fish popup would only show to the player who initially hooked the fish.
  • Fixed several issues related to multiplayer connectivity.
  • Fixed an issue with third person seeing big fish in the water.
  • Fixed missing decals for several steps of the tutorial.
  • Fixed an issue where the starter chest items were grayed out.
  • Fixed several issues with world and inventory saving.
  • Fixed an issue where you would get a big fish during tutorial.
  • Fixed autowelcome messages from arriving too early.
  • Fixed an issue where the UI could lock player movement.
  • Fixed an issue preventing players from dropping items out of their hot bar on mobile.
  • Fixed an issue where Island levels were being calculated incorrectly for players.
  • Fixed animation-related errors when the island spawns at the beginning.
  • Fixed several issues when opening crafting.
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