1. The ability for players to reset their island.
  2. Visual indicators for pet hunger.
  3. Rebuilt the fishing feature.
  4. Pet types: armadillo, parrot, dog, and cat, complete with models, sounds, and animations.
  5. A pets catalog in the store.
  6. Enhanced visual effects for fishing, making it clearer when a fish is biting.
  7. Enhanced navigation and interaction systems for pets.
  8. Pet behaviors including tricks, feeding, and commands like sit or follow.
  9. A system to store and manage player pets in the game.
  10. Pets automatically follow the player when spawned.
  11. The user interface for interacting with pets, showing their status and needs.
  12. Pathfinding and navigation system for pets, making their movements natural.
  1. The design of the default island to align with new schematics.
  2. The sand collection challenge to ensure sand drops on the first hit.
  3. Improved fish biting logic for a more realistic fishing experience.
  4. The way the furnace and composter handle item outputs. They now drop the item on the ground instead of placing a block.
  1. Big fish links now function correctly on all target platforms.
  2. A bug with displaying held items correctly.
  3. Rendering issues that were preventing entities from appearing properly.
  4. A bug that occurred during certain touch interactions.
  5. An issue where tilled dirt was incorrectly reverting under crops, making them unwaterable.
  6. Problems with feature servers not functioning correctly on staging.
  7. A bug in database transactions related to joining games.
  8. A problem with certain game sequences not executing properly.
  9. Errors occurring when accessing certain game elements.
  10. Various other bugs causing game crashes and errors.
  11. A command function issue in player equipment management.
  12. A visual glitch where certain block faces were not occluding properly.
  13. A durability issue with fishing rods not wearing out as expected.
  1. Completely disabled the mine feature, including associated challenges and physical structures.
  2. Rhythm minigame when fishing, the fishing feature has been rebuilt.
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