• Item Lock System: Introduced a new system to lock specific crafting recipes based on skill progression.
  • Skills Overhaul: Launched a comprehensive new skills system featuring an updated UI, refined skill curves, and rewarding skill progression incentives.
  • Currency Enhancements: Enhanced the experience of acquiring Sandollars and Dabloons with immersive currency effects.
  • Vendor NPCs Expansion: Rolled out new Vendor NPCs and an overarching vendor system, including themed vendor islands. Explore the hub to interact with these engaging characters!
  • Sandollars Store Packages: Unveiled new store packages tailored for Sandollars, enriching the in-game economy.
  • Coconut Radio: Get ready to tune into the Coconut Radio.
  • Generator Upgrades: Introduced an upgrade system for your generators, including the bird feeder, magic generator, and composter, using Sandollars or Dabloons.
  • Visual Fidelity Enhancements: Upgraded textures, models, UV maps, normals, and made various texturing improvements for a more lifelike visual experience.
  • Post-Processing Effects: Enhanced the game's visual appeal with refined toon shading, outline shaders, and disc shadow decals.
  • Material and Lighting Optimizations: Fine-tuned material settings, lighting, shadows, and outlines for a more vibrant and dynamic environment.
  • Performance Optimization: Implemented graphical performance enhancements, ensuring a smoother experience on low-end devices.
  • Store Accessibility: Addressed and resolved issues affecting store opening times, ensuring a seamless shopping experience.
  • Intro Sequence Bugs: Ironed out various bugs within the intro sequence for a polished game start.
  • Asset Streamlining: Eliminated duplicate assets, optimizing game resource usage for better performance.
  • Legacy Rendering Elements: Phased out the reflection probe and real-time reflections to streamline rendering processes.
  • Outdated Shaders: Removed various legacy shaders that were underperforming, upgrading to more efficient alternatives.
  • Starter Island Challenge System: Discontinued the challenge system on the starter island, paving the way for a more refined introductory experience.
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