• No features were added in this update.
  • No features were improved in this update.
  • Resolved web request issues resulting in 400 Bad Request and 500 Internal Server Error errors, ensuring smoother server communication.
  • Fixed numerous instances of NullReferenceException, enhancing overall system stability and reliability.
  • Corrected an InvalidOperationException related to sequence operations, ensuring proper data handling.
  • Improved fishing input mechanics for a more intuitive user experience, you can now use primary and secondary input to reel your fish in.
  • Addressed a HTTPClientError with status code 522, improving network resilience.
  • Solved an issue where inputting a tilde key during the sign-in popup caused unexpected behavior.
  • Fixed a System.ObjectDisposedException error, preventing access to disposed objects and improving resource management.
  • Adjusted the skills menu text to prevent it from wrapping incorrectly, improving UI clarity.
  • Resolved a System.ArgumentException related to duplicate key entries, ensuring data integrity.
  • Fixed a bug in touch input handling, preventing NullReferenceException during 'Touch.onFingerUp' callbacks.
  • Corrected a gameplay issue where players could change their point of view while in the user profile, maintaining consistent gameplay experience.
  • Addressed a specific gameplay scenario where players would not receive a big fish if they disengaged from fishing at a critical moment, ensuring fair reward distribution.
  • Fixed an issue with Amazon DynamoDB where an empty AttributeValue caused exceptions, ensuring smoother database interactions.
  • No features were removed in this update.
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