• A settings panel! Accessible from the cog on the top right of your game HUD, you can now control various aspects of your Castaways experience including graphics settings, sound settings and more!
  • Game servers will now shut down automatically after being online for 12 hours to ensure optimal performance.
  • The new song "Castaways" has been added to coconut radio!
  • Improved our process around versioning to ensure that older clients will always be prompted to download the newest version, among fixing other issues.
  • Improved the look and position of the jump button on mobile.
  • Improved the look and touch area of the virtual joystick on mobile.
  • Fixed a bug causing players to animate running in place if they open UI while running.
  • Fixed a bug with the furnace not allowing players to insert stacks of coal when coal is already present in the furnace.
  • Fixed a bug causing the magic generator to not animate the lava pour correctly.
  • Fixed a bug causing players to spawn in the wrong position in the hub upon first join.
  • Fixed a bug causing players to not load chunks (also commonly refered to as the movement bug where you see nothing but random game objects and the ocean and are unable to move)
  • Fixed a bug causing players to logout from their account when updating the game. (This may happen to you once more when you download this release)
  • Overhauled the way clients communicate with the server to improve latency, network reliability and resolve many reported connection problems.
  • Removed crosshairs on mobile platforms.
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