• Real big fish! You can now hold big fish above your heads in real scale with two hands. Try this with the silo and shipping container as well!
  • Added new particels for when players earn skill XP.
  • Refactor the way we handle loading external assets to improve reliability.
  • Improved several areas the loading sequence to reduce initial loading time.
  • Fixed an issue causing the camera to get stuck in place permanently for the session.
  • Fixed an issue causing two player characters to spawn at once for the same player upon joining.
  • Fixed an issue causing players to be unable to scroll down the skills list on mobile.
  • Fixed an isuse causing the sign in UI to not appear automatically when creating more than one island on a guest account.
  • Fixed an issue causing player characters to not be created when external assets are not loaded.
  • Fixed an issue causing fish to appear invisible at certain camera angles.
  • Fixed an issue causing our skin database to not load.
  • Removed introduction cut scene for new users.
  • Removed control view popups for new users.
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