1. Implemented new skins for sale in the store. Check them out!
  2. Moved the Volcano to be located in the hub.
  3. Consolidated the Altar to one Altar located in the hub.
  4. Added an Altar icon on the map at the physical location within the hub.
  5. Added several utility features for our upcoming influencer streams.
  1. Improved the test matrix to run all 3 tests simultaneously.
  2. Modified the map to teleport you to the target destiniation even if you already on the hub.
  3. Implemented a feature to spit out rejected items at the Altar back at the player.
  4. Changed the decal for breaking blocks at the generator to a tap-and-hold style.
  5. Refactored our Entity system to support the new entities coming in the next few updates!
  6. Reverted the hub map to its state before adding bridges to all Altars.
  1. Fixed an issue where crop hit boxes were incorrectly extending upwards.
  2. Resolved a bug where a seagull would repeatedly loop at the bird feeder.
  3. Addressed the problem of players' skins disappearing.
  4. Fixed a common error causing the game to not recognize certain objects.
  5. Corrected an issue preventing crop harvesting when standing inside them in first-person view.
  6. Resolved a bug causing the inventory to keep appearing after minimizing and returning to the game.
  7. Fixed the XP bar not showing progress when players make offerings at the Altar.
  8. Resolved issues with feature servers not functioning in test environments.
  9. Fixed a problem with creating certain high-quality textures.
  10. Corrected an error causing server communication problems.
  11. Resolved a vague issue causing unexpected behavior.
  12. Fixed a bug where a necessary animation component was missing, causing errors.
  13. Addressed an issue where players couldn't locate their home island.
  14. Fixed a problem with user authentication failing multiple times.
  15. Resolved a recurring error related to object recognition.
  16. Fixed a problem with database transactions not processing item changes correctly.
  17. Corrected an issue to ensure smaller fish are caught during tutorial sessions.
  18. Fixed a bug where the game attempted to access a removed object.
  19. Resolved a problem with game data not loading correctly.
  20. Fixed an issue with network requests returning an error.
  21. Addressed a failure in saving game progress in certain chapters.
  22. Resolved an issue where a user identity check was failing.
  23. Fixed a server-side communication issue.
  24. Corrected a gameplay issue where placing a block would unintentionally trigger UI interaction.
  25. Fixed the problem of not tracking server issues correctly in error reports.
  26. Addressed a command function error in the CacheDataManager.
  27. Resolved an issue with retrieving the latest configuration from AWS AppConfig.
  28. Fixed a problem with invalid authorization tokens.
  29. Corrected an issue where a block was incorrectly marked as generated more than once.
  30. Fixed another instance of a common object recognition error.
  31. Resolved a problem with updating specific game settings.
  32. Addressed an issue with game dependencies not loading correctly before starting.
  33. Fixed a rare scenario where two seagulls would simultaneously approach to eat fish at the bird feeder.

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